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Management Services

Tenant Management

Anyone can manage properties, but Valley Fair Realty sets itself apart from the others by how we manage tenants. We handle all the proper paperwork in leasing, maintaining and, when necessary, removing a problem tenant. Our tenants understand our expectations to maintain the property and pay rent in a timely manner.

Property Management

We drive our properties frequently to make sure they are properly maintained. We do interior inspections any time we are called out for service and according to state law. We handle maintenance requests quickly, oversee any work that is not done by our team, and also advise on deferred maintenance issues.

Accounts Receivable/Payable

We handle the collection of rents, late fees and subsequent charges, and invoices to tenants. We also handle the payment of vendors that service your property and we can even handle payments to your mortgage company. You’ll receive monthly statements so you can keep track of your investment.


We pursue as many avenues as possible to get your property maximum exposure. We have a strong internet presence and use multiple free web sites to display your vacant rental. We receive a lot of calls from our signs and from tenants calling to see what we have available. We even turned our maintenance vehicles into a moving billboard so prospective tenants always see a phone number to reach us. We can also set up pay advertising for you through any other media you choose.


When the time comes for necessary repairs to your home, our staff is ready to handle the problem for you or we can make arrangements with a company that you prefer. We are very experienced with City Code compliance and Section 8 (HUD) Inspection. Our maintenance staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We bid out larger maintenance items and are always trying to save you money by acquiring lower bids.